You can buy a VIP from the in-game store.
7 days (90 Taleon Coins) - 15 days (160 Taleon Coins) - 30 days (290 Taleon Coins).
Apply VIP to all characters on the account.

+8% bonus to EXP.
+2% bonus to EXP with open cast without password.
+10% success when fusing an item.
+5% bonus when training with Exercise weapons.
Command !vial (On: The vials do not go to the bp, Off: The vials go to the BP).
Your character can buy the 5 normal blessings in the temples and the last 2 (Heart of the Mountain of Svargrond and Blood of the Mountain of Port Hope) from NPC Henricus.
If you prefer, you can buy the 7 blessings directly from NPC Henricus.
Also, you don't pay the 10% more.
You gain 3x bestiary points when defeating a monster.
You get half the cooldown on Bosses. (Ex: Bosses with a cooldown of 20 hours will have a cooldown of 10 hours).
Increased chance of creation (50% to 60%), improvement (40% to 50%) and transformations (20% to 30%) of umbral items in NPC Eruaran.
Supreme cube has a 1 hour cooldown instead of 2 hours.
Using the Supreme Cube, a list of cities will open for you to choose where you want to be teleported to. Players without VIP are only teleported to the temple in their home city.
You can enter in the VIP depot (- 1 Thais), there will be an exclusive NPC Yudi to facilitate the sale of items.
You can close the client at exit and it will continue training and the character will automatically change the exercise weapon when it runs out. Just add 2 or more "identical" exercise weapons (of the same name and type) to your "Backpack" or "Store Inbox".
You can change the Wheel of destiny from anywhere (only if you are not in battle active).
Imbuement Backpack is not spent in areas with "Protect Zone".
Command to check remaining VIP time !vip


This bonus is linked to your account, this bonus is non-transferable.
Buying the package of 30 days VIP, you will receive 1 loyalty point.
All characters on the account receive the skill bonus corresponding to the title.
To find out your loyalty level, look at the server log when logging or use the command !loyalty

Title name Required loyalty points Additional amount of skill bonus
Scout of Taleon 0 +0
Sentinel of Taleon 1 +1
Steward of Taleon 3 +2
Warden of Taleon 6 +3
Squire of Taleon 12 +4
Warrior of Taleon 18 +5
Keeper of Taleon 24 +6
Guardian of Taleon 30 +7
Sage of Taleon 42 +8
Savant of Taleon 54 +9
Enlightened of Taleon 72 +10

Knights gain bonuses on sword, axe, club and shielding skills
Paladins gain bonuses to distance and shielding skills
Druids gain a bonus to their magic level skill
Sorcerers gain a bonus to their magic level skill

Note! Extra skills are applied as a bonus skill and not as a base skill.